Nimbus, interactive visual and sound installation, January 2018, Halles Usego, Sierre

The spectators enter a smoky room. The ground is covered with a material that cracks and crumbles under their feet, while activating a light that illuminates in the smoke.

The visitors are confused. Their perception of time and space is disrupted by the impossibility of understanding the size of the room, by the irregularity of the flashes and by the unpredictability of the ground. On the one hand, they are aware that they are walking, because of the texture of the ground, the sound of their steps and their action on the light, but at the same time, they cannot locate themselves, because the limits of space are blurred.

Spectators may experience a waking-dream sense for several reasons; they do not know where they are heading in space, but paradoxically are aware that they are walking; the transition from darkness to light has an effect on their psyche; abstraction from the visual gives free rein to their imagination.

The intense and particularly bodily experience that this environment offers allows visitors to modify their state of consciousness and travel in their imagination. They can perceive both their own effects, as well as the effects of the composition they create with others. In the same way, they are both left to themselves in the smoke, but also in intimate situations with others by only perceiving them closely.

Each visitor can at the same time create, imagine and feel the space. This work offers a particular way of perceiving, through a mixture between the isolation and the interconnection of the senses, in an experience that is both individual and collective.

The encompassing aspect of this environment is counterbalanced by the visibility of the light source from the centre of the room, which helps to understand the apparatus.