Mirages, visual and sound installation, June 2017, ECAV, Sierre Overview Room sound

Mirages, visual and sound installation, June 2017, ECAV, Sierre Close view Headphones sound

In Mirages, the light surrounds the spectator and their attention is captivated by the strobe effect as well as a sound composed of a wide range of frequencies.

Attempts to rationalize their perceptions are futile. They can neither understand the colour sequences that make up the white, nor simultaneously perceive all the frequencies that make up the sound. Their impossibility of grasping the phenomenon in its entirety makes it difficult for them to distinguish what is generated by the apparatus from what their brain is reconstructing.

They must therefore let themself go, and the saturation they feels makes them pass into a modified state of consciousness in which they can influences, to a certain extent, the colours, shapes and sounds they perceives. Thus, they reappropriates the apparatus and creates their own space.

By using abstraction, the apparatus leaves as much space as possible for the viewer’s imagination. Television sets are diverted from their common use. From diffusion or control devices, they become inductive tools allowing the spectator to travel through his own perceptions and thoughts.

The visibility of the apparatus and the possibility offered by headphones to choose whether or not to listen to the sound help the spectator to develop a critical view of the apparatus.